Importance Of A CPAP Mask

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The continuous positive airway pressure is a therapy that is used to treat obstructive sleep apnea. This is a condition where your throat muscles relax and block your airway when you are asleep. CPAP therapy uses a machine to blow air that has been pressurized down your throat to keep the muscles in place. Your airway will therefore remain open and you will be able to breathe without any problem.

To go through CPAP therapy, you need a machine, a tube and a mask such as the Fisher and Paykel CPAP mask. There are also other accessories which can be used to make the therapy more comfortable.

How Should CPAP Nasal Pillows Fit?

A nasal pillow which is also known as the nasal direct mask is made up of two pillows or cushions which are fitted at the edge of the nostrils. The pillows are inflated in order to get a good seal so that air does not leak.

The nasal direct Fisher and Paykel CPAP mask is designed with extra soft pillows and the area that creates a seal is made from very thin soft silicone. The pillows fit snugly but gently into your nostrils and there are side supports which are there to ensure that the mask does not slip during therapy. The mask comes with adjustable headgear so that you can get the perfect fit. The mask also has a diffuser which reduces the noise from the area through which the exhaled air is released.

What Is A Full Face Mask?

The full face mask covers the mouth and the nose and stretches from the bridge of the nose to underneath the lower lip. This mask is in contact with a large part of your face and it is therefore prone to air leakage. It is not ideal if you have a beard since the hairs will interfere with the seal.

The full face Fisher and Paykel CPAP mask is designed with a cushion that creates a good seal in order to avoid air leakage. It has a one size fits all frame but different cushion sizes which you can try out to get the best seal. The mask has a simple structure which enables you to easily clean it. A full face mask is suitable if you normally breathe through your nose. It can also be useful if a high pressure has been prescribed for your therapy.

About Nasal Masks

Nasal masks are fitted over the nose and the pressurized air from the machine surrounds the area covered by the mask. You then breathe in this air which is not directly transmitted to your nostrils. This mask therefore allows you to comfortably breathe in without feeling the pressure.

The nasal Fisher and Paykel CPAP mask has a narrow frame so that your view is not obstructed. You can therefore watch television or read a book in bed with the mask on. It also has a RollFit seal which adjusts automatically at the bridge of the nose to prevent air leakage. The mask comes with comfortable headgear which is flexible and can be stretched over the head. The nasal mask is suitable if you normally sleep on your side or you move a lot when asleep.