Which CPAP Mask To Choose?

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The CPAP machine is an important device that is used to provide treatment for sleep apnea. The most common type of sleep apnea is obstructive sleep apnea which takes place when the muscles at the back of the throat collapse and block the airway. This causes you to stop breathing for a few seconds after which breathing resumes.

To keep the airway open while you are asleep, a CPAP machine provides pressurized air that is blown down your throat. Due to the pressure in the air, the muscles in the throat do not collapse and you can therefore breathe without any interruption. You can only breathe in the pressurized air through a mask such as the Fisher and Paykel CPAP mask.

What Is The Role Of A CPAP Mask?

The role of the Fisher and Paykel CPAP mask is to enable you to breathe in the pressurized air that is transmitted from the machine through a tube. The mask has to be fitted perfectly so that it can provide a good seal that will not allow the pressurized air to leak. In addition to fitting properly, you should ensure that the mask that you choose is comfortable enough.

Masks are cushioned using silicone or gel which is soft and can easily take up the shape of your face. These cushions are replaceable which means you do not need to buy a new mask when they wear out. Your doctor can assist you to know which CPAP mask to use.

Characteristics Of The Nasal Mask

The Nasal Fisher and Paykel CPAP mask is worn over the nose and adjusts automatically at the bridge of the nose in order to create a good seal. When using this mask, you should only breathe through your nose since breathing through your mouth will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. The mask is available in small, medium and large sizes and you can therefore get one that fits you well. The mask is narrowly shaped and your vision is therefore not blocked when you wear it.

The Nasal Pillow Mask By Fisher And Paykel

The nasal pillow mask designed by Fisher and Paykel is fitted on the edge of the nostrils and the part of the nasal pillow that touches the skin has a soft silicone pad. This pad creates a good seal and is gentle on the nostrils. The nasal pillow is designed with side supports that are used to keep the mask firmly in place throughout the therapy.

Full Face Mask

The CPAP full face masks sometimes tend to leak out the pressurized air since they cover a large area of the face and the seal may not be as good as the nasal masks. However, the Full Face Fisher and Paykel CPAP mask has been designed with cushions which are interchangeable. You can therefore try out different cushions until you feel comfortable enough and you have a good seal. The outlet for exhaled air has been designed to direct the air away from your partner so that they can sleep comfortably. Your forehead is protected from the frame by a headgear which is very comfortable.